Shannon was amazing!   She kept in contact with us before the big day.     She was easy to reach, quick to respond and very willing to collaborate with us.   She asked great questions to learn about us, our ceremony, our reception and even asked us what particular photos we wanted other than the ones she planned to take on her own.   For example, my fiancé really wanted the traditional photo of just our hands with our rings on and I told Shannon that we wanted that photo so she went out of her way to make sure she took several versions on it for us.   We were so happy to know that she cared about what we wanted to see in our photos.     We had an outdoor wedding and the weather did not cooperate at all but Shannon adjusted so well.   She did not miss a beat.   She was more worried about us and our big day than she was about herself.     To be honest, I think I was more worried about her amazing equipment getting wet in the rain/snow than she was.     She was so kind.    Also, I told her we were really laid-back and that we didn’t really need many specific photos but on our wedding day we actually changed our minds and wanted a lot of really specific photos with our family.   Again, Shannon didn’t miss a beat.   She quickly adjusted.  She got everything we wanted and more!     After the wedding she got the photos back to us very quickly and we LOVE them.   She really captured our wild weather and happy day so well.     I could not have asked for a better photographer.   I strongly  recommend Shannon.     

Beth McDonald-Butler


Just wanted to take a minute and let you know what a wonderful experience it was to have you take our pictures.  You made everything easy from start to finish and the pictures are awesome.  All of you prep work from the location to the time of day were perfect.  You were easy to work with at the site and got a three year old and fifteen year old to take wonderful pictures.  We will definitely call again.  Thank you for everything.

Greg Dressman


Shannon, I couldn’t be happier with how our “girls day” pictures turned out!  We had such a fun afternoon at home baking something sweet and decorating our Christmas tree and that really comes through in the pictures.  You truly helped us create great memories that we will be sure to look back on for many years.  We look forward to another Day In the Life session in the future.  Thank you Shannon for capturing these moments for us! 


Shannon Reed