Tips for Bad Weather Photos

Hey friends. Sometimes the weather isn’t our friend on the day of our shoot. Whether is is a wedding (which we can’t change the date) or you have family in town, sometimes rescheduling isn’t in the cards. Here are a few tips to make sure the photos are still amazing!

Plan Ahead

Always work with your photographer to plan an alternate location ahead of time. If you can reschedule your session don’t be afraid to ask to move it to another day. If you are not happy it can show in your pictures! If you need to go ahead with the session ask for location ideas and even some pictures of them if the photographer has shot there before. The more comfortable you are the better your pictures will be.

Stay Flexible

If the weather isn’t cooperating make sure you stay flexible. You may have to change the time of your session or even move it to another location. I have had to do this a lot, particularly when shooting weddings and the pictures are still great. We are there to capture who you are and not just a location.

Be Prepared

Always make sure you are prepared with items like water for a hot day or an umbrella if it is going to rain. Raindrops on clothing isn’t a great look for pictures. If you are wearing makeup bring along your makeup bag for touchups along with a brush and even some hairspray to keep your hair in place. Finally, if you have to be prepared to move inside. There are awesome spaces to move your session to indoors and you can avoid the weather woes entirely.


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