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Rock This Out is an awesome boutique run by Donna Evans. It provides women’s clothing, accessories and some home/travel related items. Rock This Out is running a 30% off sale for Spring with the code SPRING30! There are also a lot of clearance items you can check out on the site.

Rock This Out

Check out this interview with Donna about her amazing story and business!

What is your company motto/mission statement?
Our goal is to inspire women to be authentic while looking stylish and feeling comfortable.  We are committed to helping women feel their worth. We want to help every woman feel limitless and Rock Out every aspect of their lives.  


What sets your company apart from your competitors?

There are LOTS of boutiques out there.  What sets my shop apart from the others is that I try to create an experience.  I want to make sure my customers feel cared for and know that I truly want them to look and feel their best.  I try to do this from the minute they look at my site or even my social media pages and carry it through to the packaging.  When my customers purchase something they receive a handwritten note and I usually include some little extra gift for them.  I don’t just want a customer.  I want to create a relationship with these women as someone they can trust and who is cheering for them! I truly hope to inspire them to be the best version of themselves!


Who started your company?

How did it come about? (You can share lots of good personal info here if you would like) I did!  I was a project manager in the corporate world for 21 years (to the day!).  I left in April 2019.  As a single mom I have been through a lot in the last several years.  I stayed in my job because it was safe and provided for me and my kids and I had no other source of income.  It was a scary thought to leave that comfort zone.  But I felt like if I didn’t do it then, I never would.  I would always wonder.  

When I decided to leave, I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to open my own business.  I wanted something that made me feel good about myself and something I could have some impact on others.  I had dabbled in online sales with Etsy and Ebay in the past as a side thing but I never really took it seriously.  After I left I tried a couple of products and then I tried clothing. 

Women that bought my products reached back out telling me that they LOVED what they had bought.  They told me that they felt so comfortable.  That wearing a pair of joggers got them through a tough week.  Joggers! I had no idea joggers could make someone feel better.  Then I started realizing how good I felt when I put something on that was stylish, soft and comfy.  I started to realize that women are freaking busy!  We are moms and working and dealing with kids and men and stress and running constantly.  We are always taking care of other people.  We don’t have time to shop all the time and keep up with trends and most of us don’t want to!  I realized that we want to look good, but most of us don’t want to be wearing stilettos and a tight shirt that you’re tugging at all day.  We want to be able to look like a million bucks, still look like ourselves and feel comfortable.  

Since I started it, it’s become something so much more than clothes to me.  It’s created relationships with women all over the place.  I found that with each package I send out I truly care.  I truly hope that whoever bought whichever item loves it and that it makes their life just a little bit better that day.  I add in a small gift and a personal note to make sure they know that I appreciate them and that I’m cheering them on.  I called it Rock This Out because of just that.  I want women to feel like they can rock out every aspect of their lives, because they can.  And they will.  And they do.



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