Something Important is About to Happen


Before every session I get some butterflies. Nerves! From time to time it even happens as early as the day before. Especially the day before a wedding. 

Most photographers who I know will say the same thing. Why? Because it is important to people. Especially a wedding. This is a one shot deal people! No do overs for the session. Don’t get me wrong, I would be devastated if I had to tell a client we need to reshoot their session but there is not a chance to do that with a wedding. And even though I am incredibly prepared for any impending disaster… Multiple cameras, 2 card slots in each, flashes, extra memory cards, extra batteries etc.. still nervous.  I am not so sure then it really has to do with the disaster but knowing that these are the memories people will show for generations to come. If you think about it that way it can become daunting. I know it isn’t life and death but it is important to people and it is really important to me too. 

On my way to start the day I drive in the car calming myself. I listen to music that calms me and I pray. I pray for the couple, for the success of the day and for their marriage. It always works. 100% of the time. And after the day is over there really is an exhilaration that I have never felt with any other job I have had over the years. It feels good to know that you are able to provide these lifelong memories and it is important.  

“Being nervous isn’t bad. It just means something important is happening.”

— Michael Jordan


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