In the Know

I saw this cute little get to know you column in a magazine a couple of months ago. I thought it was a really fun and interesting way to get to know someone beyond “what is your favorite color” .  It reminds me a little of the Facebook quizzes I love taking that tell me I was Cleopatra in a past life. Just something fun to do today while I wait on what I hope is the last of the white death coming our way. Are we on the beach yet??

 1/ Would always: Eat breakfast   Would Never: Skydive

 2/ Picky about: Boots   Not so much about: Chips and salsa

 3/ I feel for: The homeless   No sympathy for: People who feel sorry for themselves

 4/ Glad it’s ahead of me: Old age   Glad it’s behind me: High school

 5/ Early for: Work    Late for: My kids sporting events

 6/ Would pay good money for: A great vacation   Wouldn’t take for free: A pet snake

 7/ Too much in my life: Time in the house  Not enough in my life: Time with friends and family

 8/ Getting better at: Being less of an introvert   Getting worse at: Feeling guilty

 9/ Always up for: A great dinner and conversation   Never up for: A trip to the dentist

10/ Worth the wait: Having kids   No patience for: Arrogance


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