As I was watching my son get on the bus this morning I saw a dog on my neighbor’s porch. I knew it wasn’t their dog and  was wondering where it came from when I remembered seeing a post yesterday on Facebook about a missing poodle. I called the owner who quickly came and retrieved her lost dog. It was such an emotional reunion.  He had been gone overnight and she was so excited to have this dog in her arms.

It is amazing how much we love our pets. We decided to adopt a kitten a couple of months ago. Prior to that we didn’t have any pets in our house because my daughter was allergic to cats as a baby but has since grown out of that allergy. 

We brought the kitten home and she is wild and crazy! She chews like she is a puppy (including on us) and runs wild through the house. This morning I had just been thinking how much we all have fallen in love with her even though she has brought some disruption to our home. There is something about pets that just add to our lives. They quickly become members of the family just like that lost poodle. 



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